Dartmoor Classic Sportive

By Geoff


When I entered postcode EX1 into the Satnav and saw that the 2.5hr drive there was the same distance as the planned ride the following day, I did start to wonder what Simon had signed us up to. The Dartmoor Classic was for us an experiment in what a 7 hour+ day on the bike does to the body in the baking sun. Chris and Barney had both checked out the route and had left the country in blatant ride avoidance! Continue reading “Dartmoor Classic Sportive”

Sneak Preview with The Col Collective

by James T and James S

IMG_1620In an attempt to still concerns about cycling over 16 cols in five days, the Shannons and Turners headed for Lourdes – not (on this occasion) to seek a miracle cure for gravity, but to spend a few days in the care of Mike Cotty, of The Col Collective fame. Mike and his partner, Deborah, have bought a beautiful house on the outskirts of Lourdes, which they use as a base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Continue reading “Sneak Preview with The Col Collective”

Homemade Hilly Hundred

By James Co

IMG_13747.30am sharp (well, dribs and drabs, actually) fourteen of us reported to Mrs S’ kitchen for porridge and coffee. The chill was fading as we set off, a little later than planned, for our own re-creation of the Hampshire Hilly 100, ably guided by James S to the fore and Geoff “don’t worry about turning the walkie talkie on” Smailes as tail-end-Charlie. Inevitably, the tail end promptly got lost! Continue reading “Homemade Hilly Hundred”

Small talk on my bike

By Kate

So, I find myself on yet another training ride in the the glorious Meon Valley, only this time it’s threatening rain, delivering hail (its nearly May!!!) and bitterly cold.  As usual I appear to be somewhat inappropriately dressed – the shall I / shan’t I wear thermals and a waterproof, or shorts and a vest dilemma is not getting any easier. The riding however appears to be…. Continue reading “Small talk on my bike”

From Mindfulness to Mind-the-Pothole

By George

It sounds disingenuous now, but I wasn’t that sure about the cycling. I preferred to run.

It was more about the shared cause, the challenge and the promise of legendary ribbons of mountain road, daubed with the names of greats, and about scenery which would leave you slack-jawed with its drama. Continue reading “From Mindfulness to Mind-the-Pothole”

A Treasure Trove of Online Learning

By James S

Having been a relatively new convert to the road end of cycling and despite being a quick learner and comfortable with almost anything mechanical or electronic, there’s a huge amount of knowledge to learn and absorb. Whether it’s techniques on the bike, kit attached to the bike, the right clothing to wear on your body or ways to shed weight from it, there’s a myriad of information needed to be assimilated rapidly in order to approach our challenge with an adequate level of fitness, safety and preparation in the limited time available before our event. Continue reading “A Treasure Trove of Online Learning”