Rain, Rain go away!

By George

‘there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so’
(from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’)

This has never been more relevant than on a long ride. As one hedge morphs into another, villages flash by and various qualities of tarmac disappear under your wheel, you can become aware of a small game of tussle beginning between your adult self and your inner child. It is quite interesting to see how often the child, this internal brat, has to be ticked off so the Adult can enjoy the view. It’s this appreciation of surroundings and the simple fact of being outside in the elements that gives cycling much of its appeal; the bleached, warm colours of August fields, an unusual lodge house or particularly beautiful arrangement of topiary, may become your part of your personally curated exhibition, not to mention the plethora of bird life encountered swooping ahead of your wheels. Continue reading “Rain, Rain go away!”

Stanford and The Devil’s Slide Ride

By Barney

It has been an amazing six weeks. The genesis was a dinner conversation with a friend who’d been here to Stanford last year. He raved about the Stanford Executive Program. Intrigued, I investigated further and liked what I saw. With the support of both my family and my boss I went ahead and applied, thinking nothing further would come of it. Continue reading “Stanford and The Devil’s Slide Ride”

Dartmoor Classic Sportive

By Geoff


When I entered postcode EX1 into the Satnav and saw that the 2.5hr drive there was the same distance as the planned ride the following day, I did start to wonder what Simon had signed us up to. The Dartmoor Classic was for us an experiment in what a 7 hour+ day on the bike does to the body in the baking sun. Chris and Barney had both checked out the route and had left the country in blatant ride avoidance! Continue reading “Dartmoor Classic Sportive”

Sneak Preview with The Col Collective

by James T and James S

IMG_1620In an attempt to still concerns about cycling over 16 cols in five days, the Shannons and Turners headed for Lourdes – not (on this occasion) to seek a miracle cure for gravity, but to spend a few days in the care of Mike Cotty, of The Col Collective fame. Mike and his partner, Deborah, have bought a beautiful house on the outskirts of Lourdes, which they use as a base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Continue reading “Sneak Preview with The Col Collective”

Homemade Hilly Hundred

By James Co

IMG_13747.30am sharp (well, dribs and drabs, actually) fourteen of us reported to Mrs S’ kitchen for porridge and coffee. The chill was fading as we set off, a little later than planned, for our own re-creation of the Hampshire Hilly 100, ably guided by James S to the fore and Geoff “don’t worry about turning the walkie talkie on” Smailes as tail-end-Charlie. Inevitably, the tail end promptly got lost! Continue reading “Homemade Hilly Hundred”