Small talk on my bike

By Kate

So, I find myself on yet another training ride in the the glorious Meon Valley, only this time it’s threatening rain, delivering hail (its nearly May!!!) and bitterly cold.  As usual I appear to be somewhat inappropriately dressed – the shall I / shan’t I wear thermals and a waterproof, or shorts and a vest dilemma is not getting any easier. The riding however appears to be….

IMG_0208Well, it’s either getting easier, or maybe it’s just my ability to distract myself whilst in the saddle. The following are a few examples of the thoughts and conversations I have with:
A) myself
B) Jason, if he’s not too far ahead and can hear me/cares
C) any local wildlife in the surrounding area.

– wow,  look, it’s such a beautiful day, aren’t we lucky having all this on our doorstep?
– ooh little baby lambs, so cute. Shame they taste so good….
– Am I peddling efficiently, scrapping the mud off my shoes?
– Oh no, I forgot to put that load of washing in before we left.
– I pay a lot of tax to the council – why are there so many potholes?
– Will the Pyrenees really be as steep as this????
– Can we stop for a banana now?
– Phone rings “Hi Kate, sorry to bother you, but how heavy should the sock ‘rats’ be for the ‘splat the rat’ stall?”   My reply “I’m actually on my bike at the moment, can I call you back later?”
– I’m sure oil seed rape used to be taller when I was a kid – or maybe it’s just I was little…
– argh, I’m sure there’s a gear missing on this bike…..
– need to stop for more food.
– hope the kids are not killing each other at home.
– if we don’t get home soon’ish, supper will be either raw or served at midnight!
– Steep is called steep for a reason!!!!!!
– there are more bikes on the road today than cars.
– so one of my sponsors said he’d pay more the faster I went, so that’s x amount per mile faster I need to go to raise more cash for Cameron….
– whoops, up the bank, wasn’t concentrating.
– what? 40 miles, is that all? Are you sure that device is working properly? Felt like longer.
-Ah, look, home sweet home…..

IMG_0228So these thoughts and others are what get me through – that and knowing that ultimately we are raising money for something I feel passionate about, where teenagers in today’s modern world often experience wildlife and nature through the medium of a screen. How can you really embrace it unless you are IN it?

And then back to reality – kids still alive, house still standing, animals need feeding, school kit washing, and poor neglected cycling orphans nurtured.

And for the record, a sock “rat” should be fast enough to not get hit about 80% of the time – that’s about 3 tennis balls in one sock, decorated as you like, pink tail added for authenticity, obviously!


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