C2C Day One

By Geoff

Riders counted out : 17
Cumulative climb :  >37,400m
Cumulative distance covered : 2,470km
Cols Conquered : 4 ( Ignace, Otxondo, Ispeguy, Osquich)
Time out on the road : 9 hours
Average riding speed : 21.6km/h
Punctures : 0
Mechanical Failures : 3 (crank, gear failure, chain)
Weather : Torrential downpours, aquaplaning & occasional breaks of sunshine
Total calories burned : 105,000
Riders counted back in : 17

The day started with an apprehensive “should we wait for a break in the downpour?”

It really wasn’t like this in the sales brochure! The South of France in early September has warm days and cool nights it said….The Pyrenees has a micro-climate it said…Still at least the equally non-advertised storm force winds had stopped….

The lull in the rain never really came, so we climbed up into it, descended down through it, and pretty soon we were thoroughly soaked by it.

The ascents were a welcome chance to generate body heat, but the descents were bone chilling and challenging in the rivers that had overtaken the road surface.

The chance to take in the views were limited today but morale remains high & camaraderie reinforced by a challenging start to the journey.

The mechanical failures today were expertly dealt with by our excellent support team at Mountain High who kept us fed, hydrated and moving forwards on the right roads!!

In the 10 years Mountain High has been running these tours, today was their worst weather day they have experienced. I’m not surprised!

Tomorrows forecast promises more rain. At least we have had some practice…..

You can ‘Relive’ our ride today using the following link: https://www.relive.cc/view/1177677561

Fingers crossed for a less eventful and drier day tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “C2C Day One

  1. Hope you have dried out and had a good sleep, I am sure it will be better weather tomorrow….. it’s awful weather in England too…all the best, Penelope


  2. Well done everyone – hope the bottoms not too sore. We are thinking of you and fingers crossed for some gaps in the rain , the Harries family x


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