What keeps us pedalling?

​By Sarah

Epic was a word used at the briefing on Sunday evening for one of the Cols we had to climb – we have 17 in all.

What’s kept us pedalling this week?

  • Camaraderie: as a team we all have our strengths and weaknesses and as a group we all pull together and have a purpose and goal in mind – the end of our amazing journey, the Mediterranean Sea and raising the profile and work of the Trust. Our eye catching jerseys and t-shirts striking as we tour along. The team leaders James and Geoff really have done a fantastic job of getting us all on board and supporting us all the way through the last year. Organisation, training and preparations have run like clockwork with the C2C Whatsapp group.
  • The beauty of all that surrounds us. Open space, and at times sheer peace and quiet. We have encountered rain of biblical proportions and much grit and determination has been required.  The sun has joined us and afforded us the views with spectacular scenery, sheer rock faces, forests, upland meadows and cultivated farm land with contented livestock (including bells), and much maize and lucerne. Egyptian Vultures circling with outstretched wings, red kites, buzzards, many small birds too quick to see and as for the roadside verges filled with miniature scabious, vetches of many kinds, mint, oregano, salad burnet, orchids, knapweed, Autumn crocus, gentians, heather and so much more, the heady scents of the pine forest too.
  • Changing weather: we’ve been kept alert and the regular forecast updates indicating ever changing conditions.
  • The generosity of sponsors and individual donations has been extraordinary and so humbling. To all we say a huge thank you!!!’

What a spectacular area we are cycling in, experiencing so many tantalising sights, sounds and smells.  One cannot but be in awe of what a beautiful world we live in and need to savour and pass onto to the next generations.

Onwards for the last half of the week, the lessons we have learnt are topics for another time.


One thought on “What keeps us pedalling?

  1. Is that a shadow I see on the road? I think all the talk about biblical rainstorms and subzero temperatures is to make us all think you are having a rough time of it all, when in fact it is 25 degrees and glorious sunshine…… slap on the sunscreen and pass me another bottle!!! Keep turning the cranks as the end of an emotional experience is nigh..savour every km and enjoy the mental journey…. Buster and Beacon will never register as climbs ever, ever again!


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