What a day! – C2C Day Five, Part 2

By Will

We woke in trepidation after Chris had billed the day as “Day 4 plus” – the stats would suggest he was right at 140km and 2800m of climbing. Greeted at breakfast by leaden skies it was clear that the weather was not going to help and Kate’s clinic was open on the restaurant floor as Geoff’s knee was not looking good.

The shape of the day started to unfold fairly quickly – we reached the base of the Col Marmare in good time with poor weather unable to mask completely the stunning scenery. However 2km up the Col Franca’s derailer exploded and Geoff’s knee gave way……. and Rupert refused to get in the van – these episodes split the riders into two groups until we regrouped in George’s Gorge before the Col de Jau.

By this time all riders were in various stages of hyperthermia as the weather turned very nasty at the top of Marmare – Calder’s knee was also causing trouble although it is difficult to know how much as to explain would technically be whinging.

Everyone set off up Jau in good spirits, Franca on a new bike and Geoff and James requiring new knees. Everyone made it over Jau and back to the hotel – an amazing feat.

The day encapsulated the spirit of the trip – many laughs, never a cross word and great teamwork. Chapeau.


2 thoughts on “What a day! – C2C Day Five, Part 2

  1. Been reading the Blog everyday which has been both amusing and awe-inspiring. I did 30 miles to Stockbridge and back in the rain today and that was tough so I can’t quite get my head around what you have all achieved. Wishing you all a memorable last day … hopefully with some sun! Enjoy your celebratory swim in the Med and the champagne that will surely follow. I imagine it will be one hell of a party.


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