They think it’s all over…it is now!

By Richard

​Some people are in the sea, they think it’s all over ….. it is now!

And so the journey ended with a dip in the ocean after it started with …. a dip in the ocean! In fact water seemed to play an unwelcome part in it all!

It was 7am as he woke from dreaming of a place on the GB Paralympic cycling team, Geoff wondered what the weather was like outside this morning. I broke the news gently …. it was grim but the team spirits were far from grim!

At breakfast croissant followed croissant, litres of coffee were drunk and Jason and Rupert with a TUE from the doctor somehow managed to be allowed Marmite!

A mere 60k to the seaside today with promises of ice cream and sandcastles to drive us on. One foot in front of another or in the case of James Calder and Geoff one leg in front of … the same leg. Blatant showboating! Fines will be paid!

Won Tong Calder

And as Pete the driver made us do a lap of honour through the finishing town we were there! In the words of David Coleman … “quite extraordinary”!

After the photos, hugs and tears, more hugs, photos and tears followed. And as if this team of incredibly tough and hardy cyclists hadn’t been wet enough all week…. they swam in full Lycra in the sea. More blatant showboating!

I write this blog on the coach to the airport and reflecting on what I have seen and who I have met.

It’s been a total pleasure to have been part of this whole experience. When you realise that this was no watered-down (sorry about the pun!) trans-Pyrenees challenge but the full monty, it makes for an even more remarkable achievement.

Will said he would feel proud and so we all should. I have seen such camaraderie, such steely determination and never a moment of shying from the challenge.

When they talk of this back home I hope they don’t use the word hills but mountains … 18 of them and all with their own sting in the tail.

Tonight I fear the beers will break me after two or three but this ride didn’t break anyone.

Chapeau to them all. Run hot baths on their return, make them hot chocolate and marmite sandwiches, hug them and expect modesty as they tell the tale of the C2C. But be proud – these are extraordinary people.


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