We’ve done it!!

By James S

At 12.30pm French time, after a wet and cold 65km ride that typified the preceding 700km distance and 13.5km ascent of the week, the C2C Team rolled onto the promenade at Argelès sur Mer to the sweet sight of the Mediterranean sand and sea. Continue reading “We’ve done it!!”


What a day! – C2C Day Five, Part 2

By Will

We woke in trepidation after Chris had billed the day as “Day 4 plus” – the stats would suggest he was right at 140km and 2800m of climbing. Greeted at breakfast by leaden skies it was clear that the weather was not going to help and Kate’s clinic was open on the restaurant floor as Geoff’s knee was not looking good. Continue reading “What a day! – C2C Day Five, Part 2”

Riders in the mist and days of contrast – C2C Day Four

By Chris

​Day 4 saw us travel between Bagneres de Luchon and Foix by, as my travel insurance terms it, cycling (main mode of transport). This trip has so far been one of contrasts. Yesterday we were freezing on the Tourmalet in rain and today sun and panoramic views across the Pyrenees. Continue reading “Riders in the mist and days of contrast – C2C Day Four”

C2C Day Three – Il (finalement) fait du soleil!

​By Kate

Sung to the tune of “it’s a long way to Tipperary”….

It’s a long way up Tourmalet
It’s a long way I swear!
It’s a long way up Tourmalet,
And NO view when you get there!
Howling gales and lashing wind
And only 2 degrees,
It’s a long way up Tourmalet,
But 17 made it there!!!!!! Continue reading “C2C Day Three – Il (finalement) fait du soleil!”

Il pleut comme vache qui pisse – C2C Day Two, Part 1

​By Simon

When we woke this morning, most of us assumed that via some random space portal we had been transported to Cumbria. There were slate roofs, sheep on the hills, flowing rivers and glimpses of larger peaks shrouded in cloud – oh and it was raining! Hot milk with our coffee and a fresh croissant restored us to the here and now and at 8:30 we rolled out. Continue reading “Il pleut comme vache qui pisse – C2C Day Two, Part 1”

C2C Day One

By Geoff

Riders counted out : 17
Cumulative climb :  >37,400m
Cumulative distance covered : 2,470km
Cols Conquered : 4 ( Ignace, Otxondo, Ispeguy, Osquich)
Time out on the road : 9 hours
Average riding speed : 21.6km/h
Punctures : 0
Mechanical Failures : 3 (crank, gear failure, chain)
Weather : Torrential downpours, aquaplaning & occasional breaks of sunshine
Total calories burned : 105,000
Riders counted back in : 17 Continue reading “C2C Day One”