Sneak Preview with The Col Collective

by James T and James S

IMG_1620In an attempt to still concerns about cycling over 16 cols in five days, the Shannons and Turners headed for Lourdes – not (on this occasion) to seek a miracle cure for gravity, but to spend a few days in the care of Mike Cotty, of The Col Collective fame. Mike and his partner, Deborah, have bought a beautiful house on the outskirts of Lourdes, which they use as a base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Continue reading “Sneak Preview with The Col Collective”


Chasing The Shannon¹

By James T

The alarm went at 5.15.  The missed opportunity to wake Franca with coffee in bed at 8, and tell her that the Sportive plan had all been an elaborate April Fool, evaporated into the parallel universe in which common sense and appetite for challenge do not battle for supremacy.  Instead we dutifully boiled eggs, ate porridge and drank strong coffee before deserting the house (and the children within) to head out into the dawn for the road to Plumpton Racecourse. Continue reading “Chasing The Shannon¹”