Wet & Windy Winter Training

By George

The deprivations of winter haven’t been a deterrent for our C2C cyclists in the gentle climes of the South downs, I mean its not Finland is it? In Oulu, the self-proclaimed capital of winter cycling, it gets so cold the snow freezes and you can’t even build snowmen. They have three hours of daylight and temperatures stay well below -25ºC, but the majority of the residents cycle regularly all through the eight and a half month winter… hell, what do we have to complain about? Continue reading “Wet & Windy Winter Training”

All the gear and hopefully (now) an idea

By James S

Part of the love-hate relationship many have with road cycling is the amount of kit, and increasingly technology, available to ‘improve’ one’s cycling experience. As is often the case, technology can cause frustration, both in understanding the vast array of what’s available and also identifying what’s actually useful, versus simply a novelty that adds extra weight to your stealthy steed. Then there’s a case of identifying which manufacturer or model works well from a vast array of options available, most of which only online from cycling specialists. Continue reading “All the gear and hopefully (now) an idea”

Tomboy to Tourmalet – part 1

By George

Apart from when I was a tomboy of 15 years old, the sort you you don’t tend to see these days; gawky and androgynous, I have never really bothered much with cycling. But back in the day, I was really quite enthused by my “racing bike” which had a perilously high, straight top bar. It proved I was no skirt wearing girly girl but threatened me with severe groin injury at every road junction because my father insisted on having the saddle at the “correct” height, which meant my feet could barely touch the ground on tip toes. Continue reading “Tomboy to Tourmalet – part 1”