The Challenge

To complete this demanding 700 km ride, we are undertaking a rigorous training schedule. We need to! As we traverse the mighty Pyrenees, hugging the Spanish border, we will cycle an average 130km and climb over 2,700m every day (a total of 13.7km vertical ascent: that’s 1.5 times the height of Mount Everest). You can view the detailed route here.


Please support us. We are cycling COAST to COAST for CAMERON to help Cameron’s love of birds and nature live on in future generations. This once in a lifetime ride is well out of our comfort zone but we will all be up to the challenge by 9th September – and the stunning mountain landscape will inspire, even as we climb it!

Riders and Bios
Will Beardmore-Gray
Rupert Boissier
James Calder
Richard Cheetham
James Coulson
Barney Dalton
Ed Doyle
Chris Edwards
Simon Harries
Jason Harvey
Kate Harvey
Sarah Neish
Georgina Shannon
James Shannon
Geoff Smailes
Nick Smith
Franca Turner
James Turner